Kymco Vivio

Kymco Vivio

The new Kymco Vivio folding powerchair was designed to be versatile to use and convenient for travelling. This compact powerchair dismantles and folds down easily to fit into your vehicle, so you can take it anywhere with you. Vivio is built to the highest standard with many extras such as : a folding tension adjustable backrest, all round puncture proof tyres and a kerb climber included, so you have everything you need for indoor and outdoor driving.

Some key features are :

Comfort seat cushion and folding tension adjustable backrest upholstery for extra comfort
Swing away joystick for convenience when at the table or working at your desk
Easy to adjust, angle adjustable footrests for comfort and good foot positioning
Puncture p[roof front and rear tyres
Removable kerb climber included, so you can go up kerbs if needed
Adjustable footrest depth to achieve good foot placement and seating position
Independently adjustable joystick to suit your driving position
20 mile / 32 km driving range for short and longer journeys
Powerful 250w motors for extra power when you need it
Width and height adjustable armrests for extra comfort
Available in Metallic Mink and Golden Lemon
Crash Tested to ISO 7176 Part 19 using product from the range of ISO 10542-1



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