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Sleep plays a vital role in keeping us healthy...

It helps our bodies to repair and renew themselves, rejuvenates our minds and helps us to stay energised, enjoying and making the most of our waking hours.

If we don't get a good night's sleep, we are quickly affected. Our memory isn't as good, it may be hard to concentrate and we will feel generally sleepy and under par during the day.
There can be many reasons for poor sleep. A mattress which is old and not providing the right kind of support can cause restlessness, aches and pains.

Also, the type of support we need changes as we get older; what was comfortable in our 20's may not be so in our 30's and 40's, and so on.

XL Direct have been designing and building bespoke profiling adjustable beds for over 20 years. The beds have not changed that much in two decades, but the mattresses have.  Each bed starts with YOU, why cant you sleep? What is affecting your sleep? how can we improve your sleep? Often these questions are difficult to answer, but this is how we can design the perfect sleep solution for you and the environment you sleep in.

Mattresses have evolved at an alarming rate and research and development is key to producing the perfect nights sleep.  We get the height of the bed right! the length of the bed! (Colour, width, headboard, draws, reading light, night light - all look good but don't make you sleep) the point of contact with your body i.e. the mattress is key. This involves your weight, density, structure and its ability to profile. We bespoke the covering which have hidden technology such as meditation and body alignment benefits.

What is Profiling?  This is when we put the body in the perfect position to sleep, often called the fetal position or semi- fetal position (how we sleep on our side) Our aim is to put the body into this position on our backs, this position is perfect for circulation, heart conditions, hernia's, COPD, back complaints etc...................................................... and if the mattress is pressure reliving and doesn't make the body want to move, what else is there left to do?

Answer:  SLEEP and that is what it is all about!!!!!!!


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We can make your bed in ANY length, ANY Width & ANY Height!

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