Queen Ann Chair

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Exceptional Comfort To A Traditional Design

Our Queen Ann, which is our demonstration chair,  is a traditional designed recliner with hand-pleated scroll arms and matching hand-pleated wings. Multiple back and seat options give this chair maximum support and comfort.

Hand-Pleated Scroll Arms

Our Queen Ann comes complete with beautifully finished hand pleated scroll arms that create a true traditional style recliner.

Reflex Foam

The Queen Ann is built with Reflex Foam seat cushions as standard, giving maximum comfort and support in a sitting position.

Multiple Back Options

The Queen Ann comes complete with multiple back options allowing the user to achieve maximum comfort to their individual needs.

Bespoke Manufacture

The Queen Ann model is available with Bespoke Manufacture, and can be tailored to almost any individual’s size and requirements.

Optional Heat And Massage

The Queen Ann can come with our 10-point Heat & Massage system that offers various levels of intensity to suit individual requirements.

Optional Pocket Sprung Seat

The Queen Ann is also available with a pocket sprung seat if more support is needed for your bum.

Optional Tilt in Space Action

This is a reclining action is where, instead of the backrest separating from the seat (and so creating a gap), the whole chair simply tips backwards while maintaining a seating position. It doesn't rub or shear the skin on your back as you move.  You can elevate your legs above your hips, so it’s useful for those with poor leg circulation or edema (leg swelling) it’s suitable for anyone with back or neck problems, or those with poor trunk control, because the back and pelvis are supported throughout.


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