The Shelby

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Posture and pressure integrated management design

The Shelby offers excellent pressure management options with postural support, whilst at the same time offering comfort in a stylish chair that blends into any environment.

Variable Cushion Inserts

Poor seating can affect a client’s ability to function properly, so having the correct seating position is vital, and this starts ensuring the stability of the pelvis.

The Shelby allows for the installation of a variety of cushion inserts that allow a wide range of pressure and postural cushions to enhance a client’s support and posture.

Posture & Pressure Care

This chair caters for a range of posture and pressure care requirements through its cushion insert feature, which also enhances the user’s support and comfort.

Multiple Back Options

The Shelby comes complete with multiple back options allowing the user to achieve maximum comfort to their individual needs.

Removable duvet enabling easy access to the pressure / postural inserts, fixed seat box and the standard memory foam within the duvet is removable.

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