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I have been selling Mobility Scooters and Power chairs ever since I bought my Mum her first small indoor power chair in 1997. Throughout the last 20 years the Mobility scooter market has seen some highs and some lows.

I don’t profess to be the cheapest scooter sales company, we also don’t sell a massive selection of different scooter and we definitely cannot compete with internet sellers.  What we do offer is the best (in my opinion) scooters and power chairs on the market.

We started to work with Kymco Mobility five years ago.   From the very first moment I met their team and we decided to work together, it has been a joy. They supply unbelievable products with outstanding quality. Their DNA has been taken from road going scooters (they are the second largest supplier of mopeds in the world, only fractionally behind Piagio), which means, that all the components used in their products are of a quality which can with-stand road use (they are the only company in the world that have this pedigree).

We include with all our range: warranty, insurance and service. Be assured we personally build (they arrive from China in a box) quality control them and test drive everything we sell.

We also buy any old scooters and part exchange scooters/power chairs that may not be suitable.

Remember as my Nan always said “You get what you pay for!” and if you receive an unbelievable offer and you think it is too good to be true, it usually is!! Be careful, we are here to help, even for advice.



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